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  • 杭电1097 简单题[数据结构算法]杭电1097 简单题 2012-07-19

    input There are mutiple test cases. Each test cases consists of two numbers a and b(0a,b=2^30) 9^1=9 9^2=8 9^3=2 9^4=8 9^5=2 ...从4次方开始周期为2 Output For each test case, you should output the a^b's last digit number. Sample Input...

  • batch files browser[网络管理配置]batch files browser 2012-07-12

    is there a code browser like source insight for batch files in windows os,where I can know quickly the calling order of lots of .bat files ? with the key 'ctrl' pressed and a left click of the mouse on another file name after call command i...

  • 如何解决There is no disk in the drive的错误?[WindowsSDK/API]如何解决There is no disk in the drive的错误? 2012-07-01

    我用Delphi编写了一个读取USB里数据的软件。 程序自动扫描计算机所有USB设备,很简单,代码如下: Delphi(Pascal) code procedure GetUsbDrives(List: TStringList); var DriveBits: set of 0 .. 25 ; I: Integer; Dri...

  • 请高手帮忙解决-安装VC 6.0提示there is insufficient[新手乐园]请高手帮忙解决-安装VC 6.0提示there is insufficient 2012-06-18

    已经安装了VS 2008 装vc 6.0后提示 there is insufficient memory to run setup,try to closing any application or restaring windows 如何解决 try to closing any application or restaring windows 解决办法都给你说了,那你就...

  • spring+ibatis下报错:There is no statement named selectSQ[J2ME]spring+ibatis下报错:There is no statement named selectSQ 2017-02-22

    There is no statement named selectSQL in this SqlMap 代码如下: beans-ibatis.xml: bean id=meatOutInfoBaseDao class=com.sunraw.kunming.dao.impl.MeatOutInfoBaseDaoImpl property name=sqlMapClient ref local=client / /property /bean bean n...

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  • 求助 解决STRUTS2 错误 There is no Action mapped for nam[Eclipse]求助 解决STRUTS2 错误 There is no Action mapped for nam 2013-03-08

    Eclipse+tomcat 已经把structs资源包中的blank项目中的jar放到eclipse的lib目录中 代码部分见下 错误信息 严重: Could not find action or result There is no Action mapped for namespace / and action name login. - [unknow...

  • 超难算法题,有兴趣的一起探讨下![数据结构算法]超难算法题,有兴趣的一起探讨下! 2016-09-01

    There are three types of objective function: the sum-of-pairs (SP) score described in[1],[2],[3],[4] , coffee[5] and norMD[6]. We are seeking to score the output alignment to measure the quality of the alignment by using a objective function...

  • There is no default printer currently selected[语言基础/算法/系统设计]There is no default printer currently selected 2012-05-09

    procedure TITest.GetP; var pDevice : pChar; pDriver : pChar; pPort : pChar; hDMode : THandle; begin GetMem(pDevice, cchDeviceName); GetMem(pDriver, MAX_PATH); GetMem(pPort, MAX_PATH); Printer.GetPrinter(pDevice, pDriver, pPort, hDMode); if l...

  • there was error reading the request document[Lotus]there was error reading the request document 2012-05-05

    admin process:received the following error performing a update server's protocol information request on server01/soho file name: names.nsf: there was error reading the request document. 启动时候的错误信息,要如何解决 只能看懂个...

  • 求教,模拟器运行项目后奇怪的问题.[WinMobile]求教,模拟器运行项目后奇怪的问题. 2012-05-02

    There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:2502/ApplicationSessionService/ApplicationSessionService.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for...